Costs are going up and you are not able to change the impact to your organization. Luckily, some of the possible unplanned expenses can be avoided.

Are you... of the organizations beleiving that compliance is ensured by adding a Data Protection Officer (DPO) role?

Many fail to comply with the basic EU regulations and are not able to deliver an overview of the data streams and the required reporting of i.e. process registrations.

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Regulations are not going away

asamt.GROUP provides deep knowledge into Data Privacy, based on a variety of advisory projects at large scale companies in the Nordics.

Analysis and tool support (ServiceNow) provides companies with a stellar solution and easy audit and reporting.

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We can help!

asamt.GROUP can provide consultancy and advisory based on many years of experience. Our coorporation with leading legal firms in EU will provide you with all the best tools to give you peace of mind and a rock solid Data Privacy solution for your organiazation.

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GDPR assessment

asamt.GROUP offers Data Privacy assessments which will provide you with a clear overview of action points to address. 

Assessments are based on references and knowledge from leading legal firms i EU.

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